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"I am working hard to improve life for those who live, work and raise a family in Philadelphia."

JOBS, opportunity, & economic growth

As Chairman of the Committee on Global Opportunities and the Creative/Innovative Economy, I have aggressively pursued job creating opportunities both here and abroad.

public education

I have been working to restructure the Philadelphia School District’s governance to implement global “best practices” to ensure that every school provides academic excellence in a efficient, economical, and effective matter.

tax reform

Philadelphia government must enact intelligent tax policies which promote growth while funding services and institutions that make our City the ideal place to live, work, visit, and raise a family.

public safety

As a former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney, I fought crime at a local level throughout the city. I am intimately familiar with our criminal laws, our court system, our police, our prison system and the legislation behind them all.

About david


"I promised that I would get things done and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing."

David was elected to City Council At-Large in November 2011 and took office in January 2012.

In addition to being a citywide Councilman, he serves as the Minority Whip and the Chairman of Council’s Committee on Global Opportunities & the Creative/Innovative Economy. He is also a member of the Mayor’s Task Force on Manufacturing and serve on Council’s Special Committee on Energy Opportunities for Philadelphia.

David is the only veteran serving on City Council. He is also the first Asian-American elected to political office in Philadelphia, thanks to very broad and diverse support from voters across the city.