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David Oh shares One Great Idea with The Philadelphia Inquirer:
Make Philadelphia more hospitable to creative & innovative activity.

Let’s Work Together to Make Philadelphia GREAT!

Have a blessed and Happy New Year! I was sworn in on January 2nd as a Councilman At-Large, so I know what my year will be like. There is a lot of work to be done and I am eager to get to it. There are some tough issues to start off with and no easy solutions, but I hope with hard work and fresh ideas, we will end up with a far better year than the one we just ended.

Thank you for all your support!



Direct from David

Global opportunities and the creative/innovative economy allows Philadelphia to attract and retain highly skilled people and those with advanced degrees while also creating thousands of good paying jobs for those without a college degree. That would help so many people and ensure a brighter future for our city.

Via Facebook, Oct. 13, 2011

Tax reform is very important for our future as a city. We need a smart and predictable tax structure to retain and attract residents and employers. We also need to correct fundamental problems so that we can increase our bond rating. Our city gets cash by borrowing money. Our bond rating is important to be able to borrow and do so at the lowest possible interet rate. The debt service and interest rates on newly borrowed money is sucking up money we need to provide better services such as schools and public safety, improve quality of life and grow our economy.

Via Facebook, Sept. 27, 2011

I know we can do better as a city. You know it, too. We were America’s city, once upon a time. At one time our nation’s capitol, the birth place of liberty and the world’s workshop. We still have great assets and resources. We still have great people with solid values and work ethic. We educate people from all over our nation and the world. We can step up and make our city great, again. We need to straighten up the framework of our government and its tax structure, reduce redtape, make our city business friendly for employers and entrepreneurs so we can increase jobs, reduce burdens placed on seniors, improve education and quality of life in our neighborhoods, and ensure that our city is safe. We need to add a new leg to our economy. Please support my efforts to make our city a global and creative/innovative economy. It is the best way to increase jobs and opportunities for those without a college degree and those with advanced degrees. The added tax revenues will allow us to do the rest a lot easier for the benefit of every one else.

Via Facebook, Sept. 13, 2011

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Tom Ridge says: David has great faith in his community, great belief in his ability to make a difference. With that he brings an enthusiasm, an intellect, an energy and commitment to service.
Dan Bosak says: David Oh is the hardest working man I ever met.
Danilo Burgos says: David is a true public servant.
Bill Gault says: We are 100% behind David.
Bishop Leonard Goins says: He’s here for us. He’s here for this city. This city needs David Oh.
Lee Huang says: How about someone who actually wants to serve the people and make Philadelphia and Philadelphians great?
Sister Mary Joan Jacobs says: If we can get that passion that David exudes so easily into our students and into our parents, perhaps we can make Philadelphia the great city it’s destined to be.
Rodney Little says: David will be the only city councilperson with a law enforcement background.
Tim McShea says: David is the right man for the job.
Anne O’Callaghan says: David has a servant’s heart – he wants to serve and serves in every aspect of his life.
Kevin Pasquay says: David will make the tough choices to make sure our city moves forward.
Bernie Strain says: David will represent all of us.
Ken Wong says: David has ideas that will attract business, that will make people from around the country and around the world say, I want to come to Philadelphia to do business.