Honest Government

Corruption costs us money and hurts our residents. Ending corruption in this city begins with shining a light and taking away the shadows where corrupt practices fester. We need to know how much of our tax dollars make it to the classroom, fire station or police district. It’s time for public information to be free and convenient to anyone through the internet, including a simplified budget and a more transparent complaints/issues process. We’re too reliant on elected officials for even the smallest of problems and that creates too many distractions for them when they should be working on solutions to our bigger problems. Online services can be an automated way to keep track of complaints and even grade customer satisfaction.

David’s Plan for Transparency and Accountability:

“Honest government is at the center of everything else. Managing our resources properly is necessary for laying out the blueprint for the future of Philadelphia.”

As a Council Person, I will work hard to:

  • Increase transparency and accountability in government
    • Modernize the tools used by civil servants
  • Open up the Budget
    • Publish budgets and expenses in a readable form
    • Make information available to the public on-line

“Make it easier, more certain, simplified. Let’s get rid of the reasons people find the City of Philadelphia scary and expensive to deal with.”

  • Reorganize processing flow to be more organized and comprehensive
    • Reduce the number of paperwork stations needed to get something done
    • Increase automation of bill paying services
    • More L&I processing online (24hours)
    • Reduce wasted time and space

“Cut out the middle man and speed up the process.”

Here’s What Local Leaders Say About David:

“David has great faith in his community, great belief in his ability to make a difference. With that he brings an enthusiasm, an intellect, an energy and commitment to service.”

Tom Ridge, Former Secretary of Homeland Security, Former PA Governor

“David has a servant’s heart — he wants to serve and serves in every aspect of his life.”

Anne O’Callaghan, Founder and Executive Director,
Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians

“David is a true public servant.”

Danilo Burgos, President, Dominican Grocers and Small Business Association

“David will make the tough choices to make sure our city moves forward.”

Kevin Pasquay, Republican Ward Leader

“David will represent all of us.”

Bernie Strain, Proponent of “Timmy’s Law”

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