• Advocated for creation of, chairs Council’s Committee on Global Opportunities and the Creative/Innovative Economy
  • Introduced and passed America’s first veterans hiring tax credit, giving $15,000 in business tax credits over 3 years to any employer who hires a returning veteran in Philadelphia
  • Introduced bill that would provide a business tax incentive for large employers who provide over 500 good-paying jobs to low-skilled employees in Philadelphia
  • Formed Philly Neighborhood Small Business Coalition
  • Defended Asian takeout restaurants from having to remove bulletproof glass
  • Fought against unfair, discriminatory enforcement of late-night opening hours laws against Asian-operated takeout restaurants
  • Working with private and public stakeholders, introduced legislation to increase the availability of lab spaces and incubation facilities in Philadelphia for startup biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies
  • Passed bill to prevent new mothers from being fired or harassed for pumping breast milk, require employers to provide reasonable accommodations for breast pumping in the workplace
  • Introduced bill, adopted by Council, that gives Council additional oversight and enforcement abilities to ensure proper participation of minority and female workers, Minority-Owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, Female-Owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, and Disabled-Owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprises on City contracts

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