Public safety is a core concern and service for any city and one of the hallmarks of a great city. 

People should have confidence that they are safe to utilize and enjoy all that our city has to offer. Whether for work or leisure, walking through a park, using public transportation, enjoying a night out or just relaxing at home, people must be safe. In addition, our vulnerable must be protected with an additional measure of protection. That means schools must be safe for students and teachers, playgrounds must have supervision, persons with disabilities must be accommodated with —-, the elderly should be able to — and visitors must have someone to turn to when at risk.

A safe city has an energy and an attraction that is reflected in the level of happiness, employment and fulfillment of its citizens, as well as, in the level of opportunities, investment and growth of its economy. Therefore, making public safety a priority is not only a core service, it is a smart investment.

As a former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney, I’m the only member of Council with a background in law enforcement and experience with our city’s criminal justice system. I also have experience representing those accused of crimes to ensure that our Constitutional rights are not being violated. I have also supported organizations that help the victims of crimes recover or deal with the violations that they’ve suffered.

As a result, I have a clear understanding of how all these tragedies may best be prevented.

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