City Governments around the country are doubling down on policies of crime and open air drug abuse?

My crime crackdown: “If you shut down Kensington Avenue, people will be much better off.”

When we draw people to an area like Kensington and all the money that comes into it. They are leaving behind in their communities, their loves, the cities’ and counties’ resources to help them. The bed spaces an the treatment. It does not follow them into our cities so we are doing great harm.

It is far

more humane to enforce the law than to ignore the law.

If we work to enforce the law, we would take people to detox, to mental health, to behavioral health, but we could do those things…We would know where they came from. We could cooperate with surrounding counties.

Some of these corners generate $300K to $500K per week…

This money Funds more crime.

The explosion of crime by not containing this level of crime produces violence. No one can hang onto these street corners without violence.

That is why there is so many murders and other things being generated in our city.

David Oh Fox Business 4/13/2023