Legislation to grow the City’s creative economy through the film industry. 

Creating the Philadelphia Film Advisory Task Force.
WHEREAS, Philadelphia has been the setting of many acclaimed movies and television
shows. The City’s neighborhoods and skyline provide an iconic backdrop to hundreds of
such productions. Philadelphia offers prime locations for filming, from historic buildings
to beautiful parks to bustling college campuses; and
WHEREAS, Attracting film production to Philadelphia and encouraging independent
filmmaking directly benefits to the City. Production crews use local hotels, restaurants,
other businesses, and labor; and
WHEREAS, While movies and television shows are still filmed in Philadelphia, the
frequency with which large-budget film productions have chosen to locate in the City has
declined. Meanwhile, cities such as Pittsburgh have seen significant increases in the
number of films made within their limits; and
WHEREAS, Philadelphia has a sizable number of schools that produce talented
filmmakers and young professionals whose creative talents Philadelphia should be
competitively seeking to retain upon their graduation. Losing these creative individuals to
other cities as they search for opportunities in the film industry hampers Philadelphia’s
long-term competitiveness in many creative industries; and
WHEREAS, Film production is important to Philadelphia’s national reputation and the
local economy. The more movies and television shows choose to shoot in Philadelphia,
the more of a hub of the creative economy the City becomes; and
WHEREAS, As evidenced by and discussed in a May 12, 2017 hearing before the City
Council Committee on Global Opportunities and the Creative/Innovative Economy, there

are many facets to Philadelphia’s film industry and many issues that must be addressed if
Philadelphia’s status in the greater film industry is to improve; and
WHEREAS, An advisory body has been recommended by the members of the film
community and the Committee on Global Opportunities and the Creative/Innovative
Economy present at the May 12, 2017 hearing on the state of the Philadelphia film
industry in order to endorse actions Council may take to benefit and grow the region’s
film industry; now, therefore, be it
SECTION 1. Creation of the Philadelphia Film Advisory Task Force. The Philadelphia
Film Advisory Task Force (hereafter referred to as “the Task Force”) is hereby created as
a Council advisory body.
SECTION 2. Composition of the Task Force. The Task Force shall be composed of
fifteen (15) members appointed by Council by resolution. Council shall appoint at least
one member from each of the following occupations and organizations: The Office of
Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy; the Greater Philadelphia Film Office; film
studio owners/operators; casting directors; actors; labor representatives; crew members;
independent filmmakers; post-production workers; film tax credit experts; and women
and minority filmmakers. City Council shall appoint one of the members of the Task
Force to serve as the Chair of the Task Force unless the Task Force selects an alternative
SECTION 3. Function of the Task Force. The Task Force shall consider the history of the
film industry in Philadelphia, evaluate the current state of the film industry in
Philadelphia, and develop a strategic plan for the re-establishment of Philadelphia as a
competitive destination for film and television productions.
SECTION 4. Meetings of the Task Force. The Task Force shall be convened within 45
days of its creation and shall meet at such times as a majority of its members deem
necessary and appropriate.
SECTION 5. Report of the Task Force. Within one year of its first meeting, The Task
Force shall prepare and distribute to the Mayor, all Members of City Council, and any
interested members of the public a report of its findings and its strategic plan.